Finishing University, Moving Home and Starting My First Etsy Shop

So it’s been exactly 2 weeks and 4 days since I officially finished my undergraduate degree and with it my time at univeristy.

In that time I’ve moved from Wales back home to Scotland, started up my own Etsy shops, applied for numberous jobs and spent a long time cuddling my cat.

I was at university for 3 years and it took 2 and half years for me to find my comfort spot and to start properly enjoying uni for everything that it was. Finishing was a very bizarre and anti-climactic experiance. My friends and I were all on different courses and doing different classes with different deadlines so we didn’t finish together, after my final assesment was handed in I had very little to occupy my time apart from slowly packing up three years of my life: a tough task.
My last few days in Wales were spent wandering round the town with my parents, eating ice cream and getting sunburn. We then spent 9 long hours in a transit van travelling back home.

I can’t lie, it felt really good to be home but now I’m at home while my parents are at work wondering what to do next. I’m really enjoying Etsy and hopefully that will keep growing stronger but I haven’t quite managed to get into a routine yet. It still feels slightly like I’m just home for a few weeks.

In terms of Etsy, it is going really well, my Harry Potter inspired ties have been selling really well in the lead up to the final film release in July. The orders for those will probably peter out after the film but at least it’s a bit of income for now.  My biggest struggle right now is keeping up my motivation enough to get more things for the shop made. I’ve been inspired by the great news of my best friend’s pregnancy to make some baby blankets and things its just finding the energy. I knew from how I felt when college finished that I was going to feel a bit wierd and low after uni finished especially after how anti-climactic but it doesn’t stop me from feeling like that.

I did intend this to be a positive post but it seems to be more pensive than anything.

Oh well, I guess that’s all I have to say for now. I’ll hopefully post up some samples of Etsy stuff soon šŸ™‚

Also here is a link to my shop Wednesday’s Child on Etsy

See you in the future! ā™„

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