Let’s Start Again

I arrived home safely from my Canadian experience on Thursday. Despite travelling constantly for almost 15 hours and being awake for almost 30 I haven’t suffered from jet-lag too much which means my plans for reopening the shop today go ahead without a hitch 🙂

Apart from reopening the shop I’m hoping to start blogging more consistently, and to help me with that I propose a weekly segment called “Good Mood Mondays” I know from experience how difficult it can be to get out of bed really early in the morning especially when it’s below freezing and still dark outside. Any way the point of this segment is to give a bit of happiness and cheer to your early morning Monday starts. I’ll be picking things that make me smile, giggle or that I just find sweet. If you have any suggestions I welcome any comments 🙂

So our first instalment is at least a few months if not about a year old but it still makes me smile it’s from XKCD and it’s about the discovery channel 🙂


It’s so happy and upbeat that it makes me feel better every time I look at it. Ok so after that little interlude it’s back to work I go: lots of things to make and do if I want to earn money in 2012 🙂
Hop over to the shop and say hi! Wednesday’s Child Is On Etsy


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