Press Views, Exhibitions and Tartan Underwear. Part 3

Welcome to the third and final part of the In Fine Style exhibition posts!

Last time I promised to show you the best (but worst) of the exhibition. I introduce the truely absurd accessories and the truely creepy children!

I think I’m also going to be posting some of the photos on Tumblr so I shall give you a link at the end for you to enjoy the photos in their entirety – or you could actually go to the exhibition in Edinburgh, it’s on until July so you have plenty of time 🙂 ok on with the photos.


First up some accessories from the frankly bizarre like this frog shaped purse:


Apparently appreciated for its novelty this would have been popular in the 17th century and made of yellow taffeta and gold thread.

To the most necessary of items a “patch box” for you guessed it storing face patches 😀


This particular one was owned by Queen Mary around 1694 and is made from gold, enamel and of course diamonds.

Then there are the miniatures, before photographs and facebook profiles we had mini oil paintings of our sweethearts to remind us of their ultimate beauty!



So clockwise from the top we have:

Queen Henrietta Maria (1632)

William Lord Compton possibly the 1st Earl of Northampton (1600)

Queen Elizabeth 1st (1595-1600)

A “portrait of a lady, perhaps Penelope, Lady Rich” (1589)

Catherine of Braganza (1661)

Anne of Denmark (1611-12)

Elizabeth 1st (1560-1565)

James VI & I (1609-1615)

And in the centre another painting of Catherine Braganza this time by Samuel Cooper (1662)

Now onto what I consider one of the creepiest things of historical clothing: the practise of dressing children as miniature adults (this includes putting girls as young as 2 into corsets)


This one of Henry, Prince of Wales in a hunting scene with Robert Devereux, 3rd Earl of Essex is one of the less creepy ones. And is a very clear example of how fashion shows the difference in wealth of the two friends.

prince-of-wales-close-up-1_zps917779bd prince-of-wales-close-2_zpsb1fab308

One the left is the Prince and on the right is the Earl of Essex

Ok onto the creepy!

creepy-3_zpsf121d575 creepy-2_zps16808673 creepy-1_zps1afb0815


And a nice wrap-up explanation of children’s clothes during these periods:


As promised here are links to my Tumblr and Facebook which have all the photos I took since I feel like I’ve bored you enough with this rambling.

In other non-exhibition news I finally got round to finished my first regency gown and even made a chemisette to go with it. I plan to be doing a big photo-shoot to get some images for etsy of all my new things I’ve been making recently which includes: two pairs of Victorian women’s drawers (or bloomers); another Mens regency shirt to go with my existing Jacobean one; a Victorian corded petticoat; an 1840s/50s chemise; a sleeveless regency chemise and a couple of chemisettes! To give you a taste of things to come here is a quick glance of one of pair of drawers:


Well I guess that’s all for now, I am planning on blogging more often this year, then again I say that every year but let’s hope I can actually do it this time!

Until then

See you in the future! ♥

*I asked on facebook what you would call a group of photographers and my lovely friend Jenny came up with the brilliant “capture” name 😀

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