Good Mood Plans

Hello and Happy Monday to everyone!

 I’ve had a very good weekend celebrating the Daddy’s birthday (and earlier in the week celebrating my sister-in-law’s birthday too) and although we didn’t take any photos we had a lot of fun hanging out and eating lots of yummy food and awesome cake!

I’ve been crazy busy doing an order for custom made steel cage pocket hoops today so haven’t really thought about what to do for Good Moods this week but given last week was a total wash for me I thought it important to blog anyway!

As I’ve mentioned before this year is Charlotte Brontë’s 200th birthday. As well as my very long appreciation post for the 2011 film I’m also planning a new blog series for a Thursday called The A-Z of Charlotte Brontë.

I’m going to start this Thursday with A (an obvious place to start) and for my alphabet A is for Atmosphere. As the Brontë sisters’ work is often cited as being landmarks in Female Gothic fiction atmosphere plays a huge role in all the novels of Charlotte and her sisters.

A short preview of the gorgeous atmosphere used to create mood in Jane Eyre!

So a very, very short update today but I shall be back on Thursday! But until then,

See you in the future! ♥

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