Short Story: Hero

With everything that’s going on right now it reminded me of a short story I wrote first of all years ago, then edited it while on my MA. Hope you guys like it! ❤

The Hero

The Government promised they’d be prepared. The voices booming out over loudspeakers scattered through The City. They told us not to worry, that the procedures were in place and that they were ready.

It would be safe, for us to blame them; for us to take all the consequences, the tragedy and the destruction and lay it at the feet of those faceless officials, protected in their pristine offices. It would be nice for us to sit here and point the finger of guilt at them. It would be nice.

For a while we blamed the idiots. Those mindless fools that believed all the slimy condescending rubbish and propaganda spin that the Government dished out in spades. They believed them and so did nothing. They sat in their homes and ate their pre-packaged convenience foods and watched their empty televisions safe in the belief that they would be taken care of; that they would be safe.

It would be nice to blame the idiots, ignorant in their faith. It would be nice to turn around and shout and scream out all our hatred towards them, to spill all the poison that was created and throw it over them all.

We tried to blame the activists; the strong and argumentative. The ones that didn’t believe and the ones that fought back; they understood the ways of the Government media monkeys. They knew the people were being lied to and tried to fight against it.

It would be fairer for them to take the blame, fairer for us to force all their violence and riots back in their faces; to yell all those fucking slogans back at them until their ears bled and their faces contorted in pain. It would be nice to say that they could have done more; that they could have helped more people.

When They finally came, people were surprised and didn’t expect the chaos it caused. No-one understood why They had arrived, and no one knew what was about to happen next.

But not me, I saw it coming but did nothing. I sat and I waited. I watched all the destruction that was caused; watched as the body count mounted, as the screams echoed around the blackened remains of The City.

I waited and watched and did nothing to help.

We had built The City up from nothing and They reduced it to dust. They came into to our cosy little world and turned everything around.

It would be nice, after everything to force the blame onto Them; to turn back and shout our accusations of hatred at those blank staring eyes.

It would be easier to say that everything was perfect before They came; that The City had no problems until faced with this apocalyptic threat. To shake our heads in despair and say that They were the cause of our destruction; of our pain and hatred and death.

It would be nice to turn the blame onto those emotionless little droids with their hidden agenda and their taste for blood. It would be nice to pass the buck and scrub our hands until they were clean.

It would be nice to say I helped; to say that I was a force for good. It would be simple to play the hero. To rewrite history to become a shining beacon of hope. But I saw what was coming and did nothing. I sat and watched and waited ’til this City no longer existed.

It would be safe to blame the Government, sitting on their piles of gold. It would be simple to blame the idiots, in their identical little boxes. It would be easy to blame the activists, with their human rights and anger towards establishment.

It would be nice to blame the Androids, with their long dormant plans.


I hope you like it!

See you in the future!


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