First Of The Last

My first week of lectures in my last semester of university.

It is kind of anti-climactic since I only have classes on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. By 11am on a Thursday I’m done with scheduled learning. This is not counting my dissertation however, which I have tentatively begun but I’m sort of puttering around the starting line.

In my attempt to not get stressed by anything/very little this year I am trying to ignore the niggling voice in my head that keeps pointing out that most of my friends have now had their first supervisor meetings about dissertations whereas I have made contact with my supervisor only to be told I’m moving too fast and he’ll get back to me.

But enough stress or attempts at avoiding it. I haven’t updated here in a couple of weeks because…no real reason really. I was getting things organised for starting classes again, trying to find books for my diss and generally just lazing about. I’ve been learning to play pool.( being taught by my housemates) and have since made my first social outing to the student union bar albiet on a friday afternoon when it was very quiet but I like to think of it as baby steps. We spend this afternoon at the arcade on the pier then played a few games of pool in another bar (again it was empty but it still counts). I guess I’m trying to be as sociable as possible right now as pretty soon I’ll be bogged down in a ton of work, my housemate will be back at rehersals and I’ll not see the other two who will also be locked in their rooms writing their own dissertations.

I don’t want to look back on the entire experiance of university and think I wasted opportunities to try new things and attempt in part to overcome my social anxiety issues even in small ways.

In other good news, I booked my tickets to Canada so I’m definately going in October for a whole month. I am so freaking excited by this prospect. I have a print-out of my tickets pinned on my noticeboard above my desk to remind me of the good things to come when I get so depressed over my upcoming essays that I just want to curl up in a ball and cry. I may not have a definate plan of where I want to go career wise just yet but at least I’m making plans. 🙂

My tasks for the next couple of days include:

– Trying to finale my group for documentary production.

–  Watching Battleship Potemkin and making notes for my diss (also possibly watching Strike and Kino-eye)

– Swimming again.

– arranging a time to meet up to give my friend her 21st birthday present.

This should be managable. 🙂

See you in the future! ♥

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