Progress And Productivity

So after a fairly unhappy and upsetting last week at home which ended with a rush trip to the vets to say goodbye to one of our beloved cats I’m now back at uni and ready…Ready for what exactly?

Well aside from the fact that my plans for editing this week fell through, its been a fairly productive and successful two days back.

Our editing slot is re-booked for Wednesday and Thursday; I got my essays handed in OK and on time (I never quite trust the posting it thing) and I got my first Documentary essay back with an extremely respectable and somewhat awesome mark of a 65. Especially awesome considering I thought I would fail it. Oh and I also had a productive trip to the job centre.

As I am planning a trip to Canada in the autumn I need to start saving my holiday fund. Today I spent some time going over my C.V. updating bits of it, adding to my personal statement and writing covering letters. I have got applications for sales assistant posts stamped and waiting to be sent off but most importantly I applied for a job with the BBC!.

I’m extremely excited about this because although it’s not directly linked to the costume department it is a step in the right direction. It is a “studio opener” for the BBC Wales studio on the university campus. It would basically entail me opening up the studio, showing people around and setting up the equipment for broadcasts. Its only temporary but I don’t really need anything more than that!

Boosted by the confidence of getting in that application I finally got my personal statement and C.V together enough to send off to LionTV a production company based in Glasgow and London. They are responsible for one of my favourite TV shows Victorian Farm so it would be amazing to even get contacted by them let alone work for them after graduation.

So after feeling really rubbish all weekend and then the crazy frustrating day of failed editing that was yesterday I’m finally feeling brighter and looking forward to the term ahead. Even if that does mean writing a 10,000 word dissertation.

See you in the future! ♥


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