Superhero Monday

I spent a lot of this weekend thinking about what to blog about for today’s post and originally I was going to post about Sherlock and more specifically Benedict Cumberbatch, because if anything is going to help me into a good mood on a Monday it’s Benedict Cumberbatch and his mysterious cheekbones πŸ˜€

BUT as I was checking Facebook this morning I found one of my friends had posted a link to Superhero Valentines Cards. It was so epic that I needed to share.


It really doesn’t matter if, like me you are a bit unconvinced by the point of Valentine’s Day ( a discussion for another day) because this set is worth it just for the cheesy messages and the fact it has BATMAN AND SUPERMAN SAYING HAPPY VALENTINES!

This makes my inner geek very happy, and my outer geek giggle a lot πŸ˜€

The actual site can be found here so not only is it a fun  idea but you too can cut them out and spend a fun filled afternoon assembling classic DC valentines πŸ˜€

Hope everyone is having a good day, and that’s it’s a start of a good week.

See you in the future β™₯

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