Monday With A Difference

It was strange trying to think of a topic for this week’s Good Mood Monday as today marks the 3 years anniversary of my gran’s death. I want to make this post a feel good post but need to discuss a few things first, so bear with me 🙂

The day I found out my gran died was a Friday, Friday the 13th in fact, but it didn’t feel like it was terribly bad luck thing to happen. The date didn’t correlate with the idea of bad luck; she could have died a week later and it would have still been horrible.

I was in Wales at university when it happened and wasn’t sure what to do, I couldn’t jump on a train straight away, partly because it was about 8pm by that point but also I had uni work to do over the weekend. My first response was to see my friends, to not hide in my room. We decided to rent a film to take my mind off things. Wandering round the rental shop, I struggled to find a film. What film wouldn’t make me cry? What film doesn’t deal with family and/or death? Which film is totally unrelated to everything that was going through my head? The film I came up with was “Drop Dead Fred”

I LOVED this film growing up, as a child (and adult) with a fertile and somewhat overactive imagination, the idea that your invisible childhood friend could come back and help at the most difficult points in your life was brilliant. Plus, I would argue it is an example of Rik Mayall at his insane best 😀 The strange thing is, when watching this film recently I finally got a lot of references that went over my head as a child, making me question why I was allowed to watch this film as a 6 year old. However, I would argue that this film is the perfect pick-me-up for anyone needing to escape reality for an hour or so.

It has become a tradition of mine now to sit and watch “Drop Dead Fred” at least once on February 13th. So after this post, I’ll be making a hot chocolate, wrapping a blanket round myself and settling down to watch the movie and remembering how awesome my gran was.

So after that little heartfelt message of love I bring you the real Good Mood Mondays post.
I want to talk about two things, both related to cats.

First the art of cat breading please click this link because every cat in the land must at least once be breaded and the results shared on the interwebs for everyone to see 😀


Secondly, and I won’t say much on this except Cat Yodelling is epic:

That’s me done for today. Hope everyone has a good Monday and an awesome week all round 😀 ❤

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