Good Mood Mondays: Short But Sweet

Ooops! I almost forgot to do a Good Mood Monday’s post today!

I think today is going to be rather brief but good things have happened so yay!

First off, I’ve almost finalised my Kickstarter campaign and plan to launch it this Thursday! I thought it best to start on the first of the month and run it all the way through May 🙂 I will do a big blog post on Thursday to commemorate the launch and I still need to write up the exhibition from last week.

The other brilliant news of today is that the Viking Boy got a job with Rockstar North in Edinburgh!!! YAY this means that he will finish university on a Friday in May and will then start work on the Monday so not a lot of time to relax after uni or adjust to living in a new flat in a new city.

Because obviously we’re going to have to move to Edinburgh (commence happy dance now!) Although I really like Glasgow, I’ve always thought of Edinburgh as my home and I’m so glad to be finally getting back there.

So the coming weeks will be flat hunting and packing for me and final course work and exams for him, in between all that we have some family birthdays, Etsy orders to work on and my Kickstarter to launch.

So to apologise for this incredibly short blog post I will leave you with the most obvious space filler on the internet – Cats! In particular a couple of photos of our insane but adorable kitten Maia 😀


2014-04-17230912_zpsd887b578   1549572_10151886740935843_206372632_n_zps1b6161ab

Basically when she isn’t running around like a mad wee thing she is lying apparently unconscious in very random places (such as on top of the freezer or under the coffee table.)

I promise the next post will be longer and more in depth,

But until then

See you in the future! ❤

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