An Update Or A Ramble?

I just had a look back and realised that my last blog post, while being ever so slightly depressing in it’s very serious content was also written way back in August!

It’s been so long and I would like to say that loads of things have happened or changed but not really.

I had a crazy busy time in the lead up to Christmas which ended with me reaching 200 sales on Etsy in early January but also meant that I was rushed off my feet for most of November and December. But it was incredibly exciting and wonderful to reach that milestone on Etsy after such a long time of hard work!

January and February have been slower Etsy wise but busy health wise, after spectacularly breaking a toe on my right foot in the summer I decided that it would be a wonderful idea to break a toe on my left foot over winter so while I’ve been sewing like a mad thing, I’ve also be hobbling about like an injured deer most of the winter.

Mid-February also consisted of a week of non-stop hospital and doctor appointments. All with fairly positive news but considering I haven’t as yet been able to consolidate all my various specialists and doctors into one city it did mean a fair bit of traipsing about.

But now we’re into March and I can now get back to focusing on creating news pieces for the shop and other exciting things.

One of which is the possibility of even more funding for my research! I should hopefully hear in the next few weeks’ weather I’ve been successful with a grant application which would allow me to get some new fabric and materials for my research among other things!

In other news I have been busy burrowing through old notebooks and documents that are kicking about in my flat and at my parents’ house. I have a long history of collecting notebooks and writing many silly things from poems to stories to just random dialogue scenes; I decided finally to go over some of the less horrific ones and see if I could make something out of them.

My style of writing has always been: I get an idea; I start writing then just keep going until the ideas run out. In this way I have a fair number of half-finished/barely started story ideas and characters but very few actually completed projects. Now the task seems to be turning those half-baked ideas into something resembling sense.

And I have also realised that this blog post is a lot like my stories, I started off with a good idea of an update but have kind of petered out and ended up with a bit of rambling. Oh well. It’s a good chance to tell you that I am still alive and still working away even though I’ve not been here much!

I promise next time to a have a better thought out blog post to share, maybe even with some pictures!

Until then
See you in the future! ♥

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