Good Mood Mondays Are Back

So this blog has been far too empty for far too long! I have so much to catch you up on! Last year I got my first tattoo; finally travelled down to Blists Hill Victorian Town in Shropshire, moved house twice and between all that I reached 250 sales on Etsy!

As usual I’ve started the year full of plans for this blog and my shop and website. I know that I’m fairly useless at following through with my wonderful new year plans but as always I will try very hard!

To that end I’ve decided to resurrect my long forgotten Good Mood Mondays blog posts.

I’ve been house (and cat) sitting for my cousin this weekend so this week’s Good Mood is brought to you from the lovely seaside town of Musselburgh 😀

After spending my first afternoon getting to know my cousin’s lovely old cat Leila I decided to take a walk round the town on Saturday.


Meet my lovely new friend.
Unfortunately, Saturday decided that snow would be the best walking weather for me. It would have been fine as I like walking in the snow but it was also then that I found out that my hospital boots are no longer waterproof in the slightest, so it was a soggy walk home for me on Saturday.

Sunday was spent editing photos from various exhibitions I’ve been to for future blog posts (another new plan for the blog this year!)

Today was in comparison lovely, bright and sunny -if a bit cold. First I went off for a wander to the shops which I won’t bore you with. Then I headed to the water, where I had spotted geese on Saturday and I wasn’t disappointed. Not only were there (very loud) geese but ducks and swans too!




There was also one very photogenic goose who kept looking at me 🙂 20160215_143827_zpsrgqzrnuy 20160215_143801_zpsltoztm0u  

It was then time for a walk along the harbour, sadly the tide was out but I did get some nice landscape shots.






Today has been a good day of walking far too much, lots of wild sea air and fun silly animals.

How has your Monday been? Hope it’s been full of good things and good moods 🙂

I hope to update more soon and until then

See you in the future ♥

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