Good Mood Photographs

So despite posting on Facebook early this morning that my Good Mood blog post to day was going to be late I actually completely forgot about it until about 10 minutes ago so this will be a short and sweet post today.

Some of my cousins and aunts on my dad’s side have been sorting through family photos recently for a big family compilation DVD and they asked if we had any we’d like to contribute. SO today after finishing all my sewing I dragged out some boxes of photos.

I love looking through old photos like this, half laughing half cringing through decades of bad fashion choices, even worse hairstyles and silly accidental snaps.

I also came across my parents wedding photos too, which are brilliantly silly and cheerful.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to scan in any of the photos I was looking at today but I do have some old baby photos of me that I want to show you guys. My good mood today has been brought to you by nostalgia and family hilarity 😀


We have lots of squishy hugs in our family 😀


Hugs with the big brother!


Me rocking blonde hair, my brother rocking curls and my aunt rocking a perm. This is what the late ’80s was all about.


Finishing up with some love from the mammy. (also I’ve very disappointed that she no longer has these trousers because I really want them!)

joy%20me%20and%20euan_zpszimf4lc4 me%20and%20mums%20glasses_zpsxurcb8up

Sorry for such a short blog today but I hope you like a quick glimpse into my early childhood 😀 as for future posts I’m still working on some posts about the various exhibitions I’ve been to but until then,

See you in the future! ♥

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