Good Mood News

Argh another very, very late night Good Moods post but as always I have reasons! Today I’ve been sewing a Victorian hussif and trying valiantly to salvage a corset that I stared making about two years ago that no longer fits me and I just plain ran out of time! (And ok memory I also just forgot!) This week will be short and sweet but it’s brought to you by good (very, very, very good food) and happy news!

First off it was my mammy’s birthday this weekend and we went out for a family lunch to Loch Lomond. Now usually this would be nice on its own but for Christmas presents my brother and sister-in-law bought us gift certificates for the Martin Wishart at Loch Lomond Restaurant which is a Michelin Star restaurant! So we decided to combine the two adventures and have one awesome day of amazing food and gorgeous scenery.


This was my first ever experience of Michelin Star food and, really this stuff kind of ruins you for all other food. It was billed as a 3 course lunch but the menu didn’t mention the aperitifs, the pre-starters, the palate cleansers and amuse-bouche in between not to mention the best sourdough bread slices I have ever tried.

For my main dishes I started with a pea veloute with scallop mousse moved onto a gorgeous melt in the mouth roast duck breast and finished everything off with a gorgeous Valrhona chocolate tart and raspberry sorbet. I cannot overstate how truly amazing this food was. Just YUM.

After that we went down to the water’s edge for a walk, skimmed some stones, met some geese and grumpy swans and even saw an old wooden dragon 🙂






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And the happy news (ok it’s amazing, brilliant terrifying and fantastic news) is that I got onto stage 3 of my application for the MA in Creative Writing which means I’ve been invited for an interview!!! It’s a week on Wednesday and I’m so excited but also pretty much terrified but a good kind of terrified. They’ve asked me to bring a hard copy of the short story I wrote as we’ll discuss it in the interview, which will be exciting in itself as I’ve never really discussed my writings with professionals before, well not since high school and that doesn’t really count 🙂

So this has been a very quick, very excited good mood post and I promise to do another proper blog post soon but until then, See you in the future! ♥

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