Back To Monday Morning

So I failed on writing up a Good Mood Mondays post yesterday but here I am, bright and early on a Tuesday morning writing a replacement, hereafter known as a Totally Awesome Tuesdays’ blog post 🙂 I wasn’t sure what to write for my good moods post this week, not because I’m not in a good mood, but sometimes it’s hard to pick one.   First I wanted to show this comic from Questionable Content. It was a filler comic for valentine’s day but Oh My God is it cute 😀 so here, revel in the cuteness of holo-animals 😀


Secondly, I have finally finished and photographed my line of Jane Austen inspired home wares. I am hoping to get the shop relaunched properly on the 3rd of March, and it is now going to include a few lines of literary inspired items. This makes me happy because it allows me to not only expand my customer base but to indulge in one of my very favourite activities: reading. Business wise things are going very good, putting me in a good mood for this week at the very least 🙂  I am in talks with small business funders, and a few boutiques in and around Edinburgh possibly interested in stock my products.   Plus tonight I get to see Flash Gordon in the cinema 😀   I hope this has been a suitable replacement for my Monday’s post, regular service will resume next week 🙂   ♥

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