Another Late Monday

This week I am blaming the lateness of my blogging on staying up until 2am watching Father Ted and then Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone with the boy.

Still, it’s Monday and I am here to brighten it up for you 😀

First up: My shops is officially relaunched! you can see some of the products on the Etsy tab to the right of this post under my profile. Or just hope over to etsy itself and have a peek! Wednesday’s Child Is on Etsy and for a limited time only enjoy an extra 10% off your entire order with the code “SHINYSHINY12” (without the quotation marks obviously) Just my way of saying thanks for sticking with me during my inability to blog and my stress filled month trying to get the shop up and running again 😀

Next, I need to give you something fun to brighten your day. The video I’m linking you to is fairly old in internet terms but is, in my opinion one of the greatest things on the internet ever and is the sort of the thing the internet is made for 😀

So without much further ado I give you: A Muppet’s Bohemien Rhapsody

Enjoy and I’ll see you all soon! 😀

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