New Years Resolutions

I’ve been keeping a blog in some way for the past 7 or 8 years now, but I always reach a point where I’m too busy to update regularly or a find an exciting new project and forget about that lonely little web page gathering dust in the corner.

And usually, come the end of the year or the beginning of one I go back and look over my entries and think to myself that THIS YEAR will be the one where I manage to maintain it for longer than 3 months. Sadly this hasn’t happened yet but that doesn’t mean I’m going to give up so here goes, take 3000 of trying to regularly keep a blog!

So here we are, 2013, the world didn’t explode, London survived the Olympics relatively unscathed, and I’ve yet to be introduced to the long yearned for long lost relative who has decided to bequeath to me all their great fortune and wealth.

But what I have done is move out of my parents’ house (OK most of my possessions are still there as my flat is TINY) moved in with my boyfriend; received start-up funding from PSYBT and am currently getting training with ICO ICO creative in becoming self-employed. I’ve finally passed 80 sales on etsy and have a plan for my future (hopeful) success in the business.

I’m still not 100% sure what I’ going to find to post about in this blog to make it keep going for longer than 3 months so suggestions would be wonderful.

As for the rest of this website I will be adding more to it as I go along so I hope you all stay along for the journey! 😀

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