A Sort Of Update

I’m currently henna-ing my hair so I figured while I wait I could write a new blog post! Yay!

Although since I hate using the rubber gloves my hands look orange and the places where the henna has spilt onto my arms look like they are covered in bruises, oops!

So update,

I’m going back to Canada in less than a month. My friends are expecting their second baby so I get to spend a month spending time with some of my favourite people; play with my adorable god daughter and her gorgeous baby sister or brother. Also it’s summer there so I might actually get a sun tan or maybe a little colour by getting slightly burnt (totally by accident of course).

After roughly 10 years without one I’m getting a new foot orthosis. I still haven’t decided quite how I feel about it to be honest. I’m trying to stay positive because I know that in the long term it is a good things but I also remember how much I hated wearing one when I was younger, and the separation it caused between me and the rest of my classmates at school. I was never bullied over that but it was always a reminder that I was different and that I couldn’t do all the physical things I might have wanted to. I struggled in physical education, sometimes being left to do my own physio exercises.

On the plus side however I’m getting new boots for free from the hospital because it is stupidly difficult to find shoes that fit with an orthosis. Also this time I got a choice of colours or designs to have on my splint. When I was younger, it was the basic hospital opaque white so I had to decorate it myself with stickers and paint. Although since I am extremely childish still, I chose to get space and stars as the design. I may at some point paint some things onto it anyway like the TARDIS or the Enterprise.


.I’m hoping it’ll look something like this, and while I’m pretty sure it won’t be as spectacular, a girl can dream.

As far as business updates go, I finally got my 19th Century Men’s shirt and cravat finished and listed on Etsy. I also have my romantic corset toile almost finished and ready for a fitting. My plan is to eventually have both a male and female Victorian outfit finished and photographed. I’m trying to be as historically accurate as possible so research takes up about 40% of the process I really miss doing academia so I love doing that much research for these pieces.

victorian shirt chest detail

The shirt is made from 100% cotton. I used hand stitched buttonholes, partly for accuracy and partly because I prefer to do them by hand. The cravat is 100% silk black and white check. I found it in a remnant bin in a fabric shop and fell in love, I wish I could make a full Victorian gown out of it, but it would be sooo expensive 😦

My initial inspiration came from the 2011 Jane Eyre film. I wanted to create a couples wardrobe. One of my all-time favourite things is men’s period costume so starting Etsy gave me the perfect chance to try another 3 piece suit, which I haven’t done since college. I’ve also always wanted to try doing a Victorian women’s piece, since at college we focused on 18th century things. But then I saw Jane Eyre and well look at the pretty!

jane eyre blog

Then came North and South, and well you can tell from my previous post I am somewhat enamoured with this book and series.

  north and south

I don’t think I’ll have time to do much more of the outfits before I go to Canada but I’ve at least made a start. I still need to decide on the fabric for my gown. I would like to have it somewhat matching or at least complimentary with the man’s outfit but I might just do it with a bit of detail like a new cravat or handkerchief. I’m leaning towards a mainly black or grey look for the man’s one but I could be flexible.

I think I’m starting to ramble now so I better finish up also my henna seems to be dripping down my neck so it may soon be time to wash it out.

See you in the future! ❤

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