Plans For August

I know it’s been a crazy long time since I blogged but I’m back and I have things to share!

Last time I mentioned I was getting a new ankle foot orthotic. I was worried that the space design might be a bit childish but in the end it turned out really nice. It has a huge uplift, which it didn’t have last time so I also need a tiny uplift in my left show to balance me out. So in the end it adds about an inch onto my height.

I’m getting used to it now. It was a bit of a nightmare in Canada as it was so hot and I have to wear knee length socks with it so it doesn’t rub. This means it feels like I’m wearing winter boots in the middle of summer and with the weather in Canada getting up to 30°c with 80% humidity it wasn’t always appealing to wear it but I persevered even when I got a huge mosquito bite just at the top of the where the splint sat, so it rubbed like crazy.

I’m also getting used to people staring at my leg, especially when I’m wearing a skirt or shorts as its plainly visible. I can understand why people are curious because it is this big plastic thing strapped to my leg but not like a cast for a broken leg. I haven’t encountered any negativity yet which is nice, just curious glances, which for the most part I ignore.


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