Good Mood Life Updates

Another late night good mood Monday blog but I promise I have a good excuse!

So this week is all about good mood life updates. First off I have been crazy busy with orders this month including doing a Victorian steampunk outfit for a groom’s wedding outfit. The lovely couple are in France and having a whole steampunk theme for their wedding so I have been working hard on a gorgeous paisley pattern waistcoat and a pair of soft wool high waist trousers.






I’ve also been working on other orders for other re-enactors this month too 🙂
But the big news this week is that on Wednesday I heard from Napier University and I’ve been invited onto the second stage of applying for their MA in Creative Writing (I did actually apply first of all it wasn’t some extremely random cold-call email inviting me to study with them)

This is such a huge thing for me as I have wanted to go back and do my masters pretty much since I left university with my BA and at last this year I finally managed to apply. I’ve never been able to make up my mind on what I wanted to do with the rest of my life so it seems perfectly logical that my MA wouldn’t be in a related field to my BA or to even to my HND.

But in addition to sewing and designing clothes and costumes for as long as I can remember I’ve also written. I have an entire shelf full of notebooks on my wall, full of silly poems half-finished stories and random lost dialogue scenes and screenplay ideas.


A big achievement last year was to self-publish my very first short story through kindle so the idea that I may get to spend a year learning and understanding more about being a writer and even just writing for that length of time is incredibly exciting!

So my good mood this week has been brought to you by both period sewing and creative writing.
I hope to finally have time for some more exhibition and project blogs soon but until then,

See you in the future! ♥

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